The Vidyalaya has structured the school activities in such a manner as to ensure an All Round Development of the students instead of confining to mental development through lesson in the class rooms. Adequate opportunities are provided to the students to take part in games /sports and in a variety of other co-curricular activities. This helps them develop physically aesthetically and morally.

Date of opening of the KV2 Indore : April 1986.

Highest Class : Up To XII.

No. Of Sections Sanctioned For Each Class:

I-X (Two Section)
XI (Three Section):- XI SC. :- 02 ,XI COMM. :- 01
XII (Three Section):- XII SC. :- 02 ,XII COMM. :- 01

Sector : Civil.

District: Indore.

State: M.P.


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The genesis of the K.V.


Important milestones of growth


Gradual year wise expansion in classes and sections leading to present status


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Facilities available including games and sports facilities