Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers
As on Month - APRIL-2019

S.No Innovation and Experimentation Class & Subject Learning Objective Learning Objective realized or not Name of Innovator/Experimenter With Designation
1 National Income Accounting XII How to solve numerical relation to National Income Yes Mrs. S.Prajapati
2 Use of Interactive Board for Boolean Algebra XII How to draw logic circuits Yes Mrs. Jyoti Jain
3 Quadratic Equation X B Word Problem Yes Mrs. D.SUJATA RAO
4 Use of Animation and Videos XII B To understand working and concepts Yes Mrs. Geeta Jog
5 Learn with nature XII,IX Use of school campus to learn Biology Yes Mrs. ChetnaKhambete
6 3-D BIOLOGY X,XI Use of CAL in Biology Yes Mrs. ChetnaKhambete
7 Amines XII How to remember chemical equation Yes Mrs. D.J.nagotra
8 Poem:-savayekachand VIIIB Read and pronounce Yes Mr. SUDHIR JAIN
9 Algebric Identities VII B How to prove & present of AI Yes Mr. C.L.Joshi